Bakeheart stove
Esse Bakeheart

Esse Bakeheart Stove

Using the same principles as our best-selling Ironheart, offering a clear view of the flames through the large glass door to the firebox, the wood fired Bakeheart provides ample heat to keep a cottage kitchen warm and toasty all night long with an extra-long burn time. ESSE’s unique heat transfer stove technology efficiently channels heat from the firebox down into the 32-litre oven and hob. Combine with a hot water jacket and the Bakeheart can also provide hot water while the hob and oven will cook a limitless range of wholesome and hearty dishes from warming casseroles to heavenly home-baked bread. Designed to accommodate dry, seasoned logs of up to 360mm in length the Bakeheart can be installed pretty much anywhere to provide a reliable, ‘off-grid’ source of heat for extended periods. Whether it’s providing heat and hot water in a shack up in the mountains or wood fired pizzas on the verandah at the beach house, the Bakeheart can be counted on to deliver heat and sustenance, day in, day out.

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