We stock a large range of Wood stoves, Wood Heaters and Fire-side Accessories.

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We stock a large range of accessories.
When it comes to woodstoves and associated accessories, no matter what you're after, Bendigo Wood Stoves most likely already has it in stock. If we don't have it in stock we will try and source it for you<

Water-based graphite coating for matt black stoves and fireplaces.

Wood heater seal kits ranging from 3mm up to 25mm suitable for all solid fuel stoves and heaters

For sealing joints in solid fuel appliances, flue systems, furnaces, and applications subjected to intense heat.

STOPS Heat loss, Birds and possums, Blowflies, insects and wasps from entering in summer

SmartBurn for 17% Hotter Fires. Better Wood Burning. Self Chimney Flue Cleaning, Up to 50%* Reduced Smoke.

Castworks cement is an electrical refractory cement used for coating high temperature heating elements.

Flashing collars are made for round ducts from 50 to 300mm OD. metal roofs with a maximum slope of 40º

Stove Bright® High Temp Paint is the industry’s premier high temperature paint for wood, pellet, and gas stoves.

Rubberised roof flashing to weather-proof the flue pipe. For slate, tile, metal, & felted roof finishes.

Wide range of flue brushes available for all applications, from 4" up to 16".

Disolves all soot and burn marks, leaving the glass spotless and clean.